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Boa Grips

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Boa Grips are the flagship for our range of grip accessories. At Factory Weights we believe that Boa Grips are so effective, durable and comfortable that they are the only set of grips you will ever need. Made with industrial strength nylon strapping for an extremely secure and durable fit. Lined with a neoprene padding for extra comfort and to not cut off circulation when lifting. The palm-sized rubber lapels makes it extremely easy to wrap and unwrap very quickly and safely. Constrict the bar for deadlifts/shrugs/pull-ups/rows and lift like a cold-blooded animal! Sold in pairs.

Size chart: 

Measure around the wrist, directly over the wrist bone. 

 Size Your Measurement 
SMALL 12cm-16cm
MEDIUM 16cm-20cm
LARGE 20cm+