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Factory Weights Hex Dumbbells for Home & Commercial Gyms

When it comes to building muscle, dumbbells are one of the best pieces of strength equipment you can have. We stock a diverse range of hex dumbbell pairs for home and commercial use.

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Available in a variety of sizes, our rubber hex dumbbells are ideal for strength training and conditioning exercises. Their easy-to-use, durable design makes them suitable for everyone from exercise beginners to experienced bodybuilders.

At Factory Weights, we stock some of the best hex dumbbells in the UK. Shop from our online collection of durable hex rubber dumbbells that are heavy on quality and light on price.

Our Range of Hex Dumbbell Pairs

Our premium range of weightlifting equipment includes numerous pairs of hexagonal rubber dumbbells. Whether you’re looking for beginner 2kg hex dumbbells or heavy-duty 50kg dumbbells, our diverse selection has you covered.   

These pieces of functional equipment are suitable for use as both commercial and home gym equipment. Ideal for targeted or full-body training, these dumbbells offer a great way to build muscle and strength while also boosting your general fitness. 

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