2" Olympic Curl Bar

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Ez bars are used in ironwork gyms to help people with their grip strength or for rehabilitating patients. They can be found in different types of weight stacks, but they are most associated with power racks.

What are EZ bar curls for?
Ez bar curls are a style of weight-training that is performed with an EZ bar. A barbell is attached to the ends of the EZ bars and weights are added to make up for the lack of weight on the barbell. This is a popular style in many gyms because it allows for easier changing between different exercises and also reduces strain on your joints such as your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers.

What are EZ bars made of?
These are typically made of steel which is welded and shaped to provide support for these bars. They can also be made of aluminum, but they do not have the same strength as steel.

Why is it called EZ bar?
The term "EZ" in the device's name has been said to refer to the ease of use and the shortened range of motion it affords. Another theory is that "EZ" simply refers to a barbell, as an abbreviation for extensible barbells.

How do you clean a EZ curl bar?
Cleaning a EZ bar is pretty simple. It can just be wiped off with soap and water or any other mild cleaning agent.

EZ bar curl inside or outside?
EZ bar curls are typically done outside- meaning you use an EZ curl bar rather than a bench or inside- where a curl bar implements the same function as that of the EZ curl.

How to hold EZ bar?
The way to hold the EZ bar is by placing your hands on the upper part of a barbell. They should be positioned at the centre of it with palms facing upwards. Somebody can also do this by using EZ bars that are attached to weights as well.