Barbell Pad

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If you’re struggling with pain during your barbell workouts, then a barbell pad might be the perfect choice for you.

A barbell pad is made to relieve neck, shoulder, and hip pain, during workouts such as squats, lunges, and hip thrusts.

A barbell pad absorbs the impact of these movements, which then reduces the pressure on your muscles.

Thus, a barbell pad allows you to exercise pain-free.

A barbell pad is also inexpensive and easy to carry around in a gym bag.

Factory Weights makes excellent barbell pads that are great for anyone new to lifting.

Should I Use a Barbell Pad?

Some lifters prefer to resort to makeshift pads, such as towels or rolled-up yoga mats. But, these solutions are not as successful as using an actual barbell pad. This is because they provide less comfort and protection.

Here are some reasons why it might be beneficial to you to add a barbell pad to your home barbell set.

If You Are New to Lifting

A barbell pad is highly recommended if you are starting with lifting and you find that you experience pain when doing certain movements, such as squatting.

A barbell pad allows you to become more comfortable with these movements. 

If You Want to Prevent Bruising and Injury 

If you have skin that bruises more easily than others, then you might want to use a barbell pad.

If you experience immense pain that results in strain and injury, then you might also want to consider a barbell pad. A barbell pad can also be used temporarily, just to give your muscles enough time to recover from the injury.