20kg Weight Plates

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20kg weight lifting plates are perfect for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes, but they can be used by anyone!

For example, rock climbers and guitar players can benefit from exercising with weight plates, because it increases finger strength.

Lifting plates targets the following muscles: Shoulders, chest, abs, obliques, arms, back, biceps, triceps, and many more.

This weight lifting equipment boosts strength and builds endurance.

The following types of 20kg weight plates are available: Cast iron plates and rubber plates.

The subsequent section will discuss the different properties between these two types of plates.

Are 20kg weights better in iron or rubber?

Iron Weight Plates

Cast iron plates are made up of solid iron and tend to cost less than rubber plates.

Iron weight plates are also more versatile than rubber plates. They can be used for anything.

They are great for rack work and can be used on adjustable dumbbell bars too.

You can use weight plates individually for cardio exercises, such as with Russian twists.

In essence, cast iron plates are great for strength training, precision training (when you target individual muscles), and compound exercises (e.g., squats and bench presses).

Rubber Weight Plates

Also known as bumper plates, these powerlifting plates are made of a thick rubber material that was designed for Olympic lifting.

When the weight drops to the floor, it will not make a loud sound on impact or damage to your floor as the rubber helps absorb the shock when the bar is dropped.

These 2-inch rubber weight plates are also more standardised and wider than metal weight plates.

Therefore, they may take up more room on your barbell.

Rubber plates are great for powerlifting, deadlifts, and barbell-free training (e.g., rotational twists and core exercises).