2.5kg Olympic Weight Plates

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2.5kg Olympic weight plates are a great choice for people starting their weight training journey. The plates are relatively light and less expensive than heavier options.

But choosing the right weight plates for you, and all the equipment that goes along with them can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics you need to know before purchasing a 2.5kg Olympic weight plate.

What are 2.5kg Weights Good For?

2.5kg Olympic weight plates are good for any beginner weightlifters to try out different exercise routines to find ones that work best for them. The weights are light, which gives you an opportunity to test your form without risking hurting yourself.

Light weights are a good option for people doing toning exercises instead of trying to build muscle. Exercises like lateral and front shoulder raises help to develop your shoulder and back muscles.

Olympic vs. Standard Weight Plates

Many people walk into a gym supply store and assume that Olympic weight plates are the same as standard weights. This isn’t the case.

The main difference between Olympic and standard weights is the size of the centre hole to load them onto the barbell. Olympic weight plates have a 50mm diameter hole for the barbell. Standard weights have a 25mm hole.

Depending on which barbell you have access to, both Olympic and standard 2.5kg weights are a good decision for beginner weightlifters.

Choosing the Right Barbell for your Weight Plates

Choosing the right bar for your weights is key. Olympic weight bars are tapered at the end and designed to fit only Olympic weight plates.

Standard barbells are less flexible than Olympic bars, and will only fit standard weight plates. They are less flexible than Olympic barbells and more likely to become unbalanced during certain kinds of lifts.

For this reason, Olympic barbells are the best choice for 2.5kg weight plates.