5kg Weight Plates

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5kg weight plates provide the perfect introduction into the world of fitness for beginners.

Traditionally weight plates and barbells come in two different sizes. These sizes are 1-inch and 2-inches. Our 2-inch weight plates work perfectly with our various 2-inch bars available.

Best Plates For Home Gym

These 5kg weighted gym plates provide an ideal workout at home. All of our standard iron plates are cast with extreme precision to ensure they work excellently with our durable 2-inch bars.

The tri-grip design of the handles makes for a pleasant workout experience. The extra grip allows for the easy loading and unloading of the weights.

Our 5kg cast iron weight plates will last you a lifetime. The portable weight plates also make for easy storage at home.

What Are The Benefits Of Using 2-inch 5kg Weight Plates?

Our 2-inch 5kg weight plates work seamlessly with our high-quality 2-inch Olympic barbells. It is the best combination of equipment for those looking to workout at home.

Using our 5kg weight plates allows adding squats, benching, and deadlifts to your workout regime.

5kg weight plates are light enough to be used by most individuals looking to get into fitness for the first time. 

How Much Do 5kg Weight Plates Cost?

The general pricing for 5kg weight plates may differ. Pricing may depend on various factors such as product quality and brand popularity.

Other factors that may add to the cost of 5kg weight plates are unique features. These features may include a grip system made for better grip.

The general price range for 5kg weight plates may vary from £25 to £50 depending on the brand.