Trap Bar

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A trap bar is a very functional piece of fitness equipment that can be used in a variety of sports and fitness activities. Trap bars are typically used as the main bar for squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and military presses. They are also useful for lifting heavy loads on both sides of the body during several exercises.

What is a trap bar good for?
A trap bar is beneficial because it provides better stability than an average straight bar does. The design of the handles on a trap bar work to reduce pressure on your lower back when performing movements such as squats or deadlifts due to its close proximity to your center of gravity and higher placement than with an average straight bar. There are also different grip positions that allow you to change the muscle group you want to work on.

Is Trap Bar easier than deadlift?
Generally, it can be used for a variety of exercises, but may not be as effective as a deadlift for all exercises.

Are trap bars worth it?
Yes, trap bars can be worth the price for a variety of reasons. Trap bars are particularly helpful when performing deadlifts. Additionally, this is an excellent piece of equipment to have because it is not as expensive as other pieces of fitness equipment.

Is trap bar deadlift cheating?
The popular belief that trap bar deadlift is cheating is a myth. It has long been debated in the fitness community whether this style of deadlifting can be considered legitimate since it does use the arms and not just your legs to provide some of the force to lift the weight.

Are trap bar deadlifts safer than regular deadlifts?
Trap bar deadlifts are not safer or more dangerous than a regular barbell deadlift. If you do not know how to perform either, it may be best to learn how to deadlift from a qualified instructor before deciding which type of deadlift is better for you.

How heavy is a trap bar?
The average weight of a trap bar is 30 pounds.