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Strongman Throw Bags

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These Factory Weights Throw Bags are built to withstand high impact on all surfaces last the test of time. Every bag is doubled lined for increased durability. Secured with a double seal velcro strap and roll system then finished with a YKK zip. Designed with a super grippy silicone handle. These bags are designed to be thrown but are also great for kettlebell movements and much more! Available in 3 sizes.


  • Constructed from industrial grade nylon with re-enforced stitching.
  • Available in 3 sizes, Small: up to 15kg. Medium: up to 25kg. Large: up to 35kg.
  • 40mm diameter non slip handles. Small 20cm long. Medium/Large 25cm long.
  • YKK zips.
  • Double layered designed.