20kg Bumper Plates

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You should buy a set of 20kg bumper weight plates if your workout routine consists of lifting and quick movements, such as CrossFit training.

During Olympic and CrossFit style lifting, people tend to push above their limits and if they cannot complete the lift, then they need to safely drop the barbell.

A heavy weight, such as a 20kg lifting weight, can cause serious strain or injury to your wrists.

Unlike iron cast plates, bumper plates allow you to drop them without your heart skipping a beat when the bumper’s weight hits the ground.

That is due to the fact that good bumper grip plates, like those sold by Factory Wights, consist of a steel core with a dense, protective coating of rubber.

Beginners can also use bumper plates for weightlifting due its safety and practicality.

So, if you let the weight hit the floor, then you do not have to worry about strain or injury caused by the fall’s impact.

What Are 20kg Bumper Plates Good for?

As we’ve previously mentioned, bumper plates are beneficial for athletes that perform power-focused exercises.

If you want to start performing exercises, such as Olympic lifting movements, then you can benefit greatly from using home gym bumper plates.

Standard training bumper plates are a fantastic option if you are not a competitive lifter.

If you are a newbie to lifting, a great Olympic lifting movement to start with is a Power clean. This exercise targets every muscle in your body.

For this, you will need bumper plates with a barbell.