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20kg Pro Forged Kettlebell

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The multi-use kettlebell is an unsung hero in the fight for a strong, well-toned, and agile body. 

Easy to lift in many varied exercises and training routines, the 20kg kettlebell is a nifty addition to your home gym.

Kettlebells provide a great all-around workout for the amateur to the advanced weightlifter. 

One 20kg kettlebell or a pair can be used to aid the athlete in counterbalance training exercises. 

Though kettlebells became widely known due to the popular Russian kettlebell lifting sport, they are now globally used at home to increase flexibility and heart rate.

Its neat shape allows you to store it out of sight and out of mind when you’re finished your daily workout. 

This 20kg kettlebell also has a flat bottom, which stops it from rolling when placed on your floor. 

Good quality Iron cast kettlebells with a spacious easy-grip handle will cost around £60 each. 

Is a 20kg Kettlebell a good investment? 

A 20 kg kettlebell is an excellent investment for the amateur to the competitive weightlifter. 

There are numerous kettlebell exercises that you can add to your workout routine that will have the following benefits: 

  • They can increase your stamina as well as raise your heart rate
  •  Facilitate an all-around body workout
  • Tone muscles in the legs and arms
  • Develop and define abdominal muscles
  • Help you lose weight along with a sugar restricted diet
  • Improve your agility and dexterity
  • Heighten high-intensity interval training
  • Help address your weaknesses, making for complete body strength
  • Engage your smaller stabilising muscles
  • Maximise your upper body flexibility
  • Kettlebells can make your routine more exciting

As with all weight training exercises, kettlebells of an intermediate or heavier weight must be used with caution. Good technique is essential when using a 20kg kettlebell to minimise injury. 

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