7.5kg Dumbbells Pair

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A 7.5 kg dumbbell is one of the heaviest weights that are available in the market. They feature knurled steel grips for a secure hold. The protective, rubberised end is designed for durability and protection. The hexagonal ends have been shaped to stop weights from rolling. It is difficult to find work outs that will challenge this weight, limiting its usage to specific exercises. The weight tends to get slipped and choked, so it cannot be used without assistance while exercising through movements like bicep curls or triceps pushdowns.

Is 7.5 kg dumbbell good for beginners?
The 7.5 kg dumbbell is for beginners who have never used a dumbbell. It's difficult to find weights that aren't too heavy for beginners who are still learning how to use weights.

Is 7.5 kg dumbbell enough?
7kg Dumbbells are great for training thighs and biceps, but they are limited in other areas as well. For example; it is impossible to perform shoulder presses with this weight alone because it would not be heavy enough, and there is no suitable workout for strengthening the back. The only option would be to use the 7kg dumbbells as a counter balance while lifting heavier weights for other movements.

Is 7.5 kg dumbbell too heavy?
This weight is very heavy and will provide plenty of challenge during exercise sessions.

How to clean 7.5kg dumbbells?
One way is to use dish soap on a rag to moisten the surface and then scrub it with the abrasive side of the rag. The water will soften any stains. Run some tap water over it afterwards, dry off and let air-dry for a few hours before putting it away in its storage bag.

7.5 kg dumbbell pros and cons
- Very durable (thick rubberized grip)
- Hexagonal ends prevent weights from moving or rolling, preventing choking
- Heavy weight provides lots of challenge for those who are new to using weights

- Too heavy for some exercises

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