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Accountability Tips For 2024

December 19, 2022 3 min read

Accountability Tips For 2024

Accountability is key when it comes to fitness. Whether you're trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just improve your overall health, setting goals and holding yourself accountable can make all the difference. And with New Year just around the corner, you can set all the goals for 2024 that you like, but if you don't hold yourself accountable, you're going to be back right where you started come 2024, so here's a few tips for staying accountable to your fitness goals.


Set realistic goals


If your goal is too big, it can be discouraging when you don't see results right away. Break your goals down into smaller, more manageable pieces so it’s easier for you to  track your progress and stay motivated.
Setting goals is one thing, we can all aim high with more goals than if the Argentina national footabll team played your local primary school, but without holding yourself to account, setting those goals is pointless. It’s essential that If you don't manage to hit those goals when you wanted to, that you be honest with yourself about it. Afterall, accountability doesn't mean succeeding at every goal, it’s all about accepting when you fail to hit your targets or the milestones you wanted to reach. Understanding this allows you the chanceto figure out what went wrong, and what to do differently next time, turn your hinderances and failures into learning experiences, that is how you hold yourself accountable and as time goes on you'll hit those goals more and more.


Find a workout buddy


A workout partner can help keep you accountable to your fitness goals. Having someone to motivate and encourage you can make all the difference when it comes to sticking to your workout routine. Those who train together gain together.
Make it as easy as possible to workout together, get into a combined routine with set times you can both stick to. You'll have more fun and you'll be able to lean on each other for support on days when you can't really be bothered, or you're feeling negative about your fitness levels and goals.
You don't even need to physically be in the same space when you workout together, set up a video call whilst you both tackle your home work out routines, yes you'll have to hear each other huffing and heaving, but seeing them working hard will encourage you to do the same and vice versa.


Track your progress.


Keeping track of your progress is a great way to stay accountable to your fitness goals. Whether you use a fitness tracker or write things down in a journal, seeing your hard work pay off can be highly motivating.
No matter your goals, it's always worth taking some before and after photos, after all, a lot of the progress you see will be gradual rather than going from Johnny Vegas to Dwayne Johnson in one day, you're unlikely to notice the small changes each day. So take a photo once a month, or once a week, and  you'll soon see those results a lot more clearly than you would if you were constantly hopping on the scales  every day!


Set regular reminders.


If you're struggling to stay on track, set regular reminders for yourself. Whether it's a daily email or a weekly alarm on your phone, a reminder can help you stay focused and keep your fitness goals on track. If you do online workouts, a lot of apps offer the chance to sign up for notifications and reminders for workout class timetables.  Think of your phone as your personal nagging device. It'll get annoying, but it'll be motivating!


Seek professional help.


If you're really struggling to meet your fitness goals, seek out the help of a professional. A personal trainer or nutritionist can give you the guidance and support you need to finally reach your fitness goals if you struggle to motivate yourself. 
Accountability is essential for anyone trying to improve their fitness. By setting realistic goals, tracking your progress, and seeking professional help when needed, you can increase your chances of success.

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