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Best Olympic Weight Set

January 20, 2022 11 min read

Best Olympic Weight Set

We all know that a good barbell and weight plates are the core to anyone’s home gym. That is why you should get anOlympic weight set for your home gym. 

Olympic weight sets come in different styles, intended for different training needs. Whether you are at the beginning stages of Olympic weightlifting, or interested in Cross-fit, owning an Olympic weight set is worth it. 

Here is a list of Olympic weight sets to help you choose. You might find the best Olympic weight set for your fitness needs. 

The Best Olympic Weight Sets


best budget olympic weight set

This is one of thebest barbell sets that includes a barbell with a50.8 mm (2") loading sleeve that is manufactured from solid steel. You get the option of choosing between different barbell sizes. 

If you need to drop the barbell from overhead, you do not have to worry about cracking your weights, damaging your floor, and making a lot of noise. This is due to the rubber coating that covers the weights. The rubber coating protects the weights, and your floor while reducing the risk of noise.

This weight set has features that will give you the best of both worlds: performance and safety. It has the capability to not crack over time and the full-on rubber grip helps to make the workout easier. 

We like that this77.5kg Olympic weight set is mainly built around durability and performance. It makes it perfect for anyone starting with their weightlifting journey. 

The total weight of the plates are 77.5kg: 2x20kg 2x10kg 2x5kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg. This lower weight category is perfect for those who are new to weightlifting. 

Why it’s Great

  • The barbell is made from solid steel
  • The rubber plates do not crack over time
  • The full-on rubber grip makes the workout easier
  • Provides safety and performance

Who it’s Right for

  • Perfect for those who are new to weightlifting
  • Ideal for individuals who prefer a rubber grip

Olympic Barbell Set With Cast Iron Plates (77.5 kg) (Best for Easy Adjustments)

best price olympic weight set

This77.5kg Olympic weight set includes a solid steel barbell with a chrome finish. 

The robust cast iron is constructed with grey/silver finish. They are best suited to be used on solid flooring (concrete and/or rubberized). 

The barbell and cast iron plates will give you the ability to make easy adjustments and numerous combinations of uses.

The Olympic weight set’s resilience and high-quality material are an ideal fit for those who want to start their weight training journey. 

The total weight of the plates are 77.5kg: 2x20kg 2x10kg  2x5kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg. This lower weight category is great for novice weightlifters. 

You also get the option of adding aSquat Stand to this weight set. The Squat Stand comes with a stand base, short spotter arms, safety pins, and built-in j-cups. It is a great piece of kit if space is a bit of an issue when lifting. 

Why it’s Great

  • Sturdy steel barbell and cast iron plates
  • Gives you the ability to train with ease and adjustments 
  • A resilient and good quality weight set
  • Lower weight category

Who it’s Right for

  • Solid flooring (concrete and/or rubberized)
  • Perfect choice for the beginning stages of weight training

Olympic Bumper Plate Set (100 kg) (Best for Intermediate Weightlifters)

best olympic weight set for the money

The exceptional materials used for this100kg Olympic Bumper Plate Set make it perfect for Olympic-style weightlifting. 

Each individual plate is covered by a rubber casting that aims to support the strength of the whole system. Meaning, these plates are designed to take impact due to their robust construction. 

That is why this is one of the best Olympic weight sets. It upholds performance over other sets. 

We find this set to be quite tough, making it an ideal set for intermediate users. We recommend this weight set for sports athletes, cross-fitters, and Olympic-style lifters. 

To use with the bumper plates, we suggest an “all-rounder” barbell, such as ourBlack Zinc Barbell. This barbell is ideal for a multitude of training styles. 

best deal on olympic weight set

The shaft is coated with Black Zinc to prevent decay, and make your barbell last. 

The weight set is completed with our favourite 50.8 mm (2”) barbell collars. It has a quick lock design that enables you to change the weight speedily while holding the weight secure when completing explosive lifts. 

The total weight of the plates are 100kg: 2x20kg Blue, 2x15kg Yellow, 2x10kg Green and 2x5kg Grey. 

Why it’s Great

  • The rubber casting of the plates are designed to take impact
  • Upholds performance over other sets
  • The barbell is perfect for numerous training styles
  • The barbell collar has a quick lock design

Who it’s Right for

  • A great Olympic weight set intermediate users
  • Made for fans of athletics, cross-fit, and lifting 

Adjustable Dumbbell Set (50 kg) (Best Versatile Set)

best place to buy olympic weight set

If you are conscious about your space at home, then this50kg chrome dumbbell set is the perfect addition for your at-home gym. 

Depending on your training style, this is a versatile piece of kit. It can be set up into 2 dumbbells or you can attach a centre barbell for a fuller bar for the bigger lifts.

In addition to their versatility, the iron plates have an attractive chrome finish. 

You can set it up easily, and put it away for storage. The box is also on wheels so you can transport it easily. 

You can basically perform every moment with this set. You can execute shoulder press, kickbacks, front raises, bicep curls, and lateral raises with single dumbbells. 

After you construct the barbell, you can perform RDL’s, good mornings, squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

For these reasons, we coined this the best value adjustable cast iron dumbbell set on the market for consumers.

You can use this dumbbell set with theFWI Adjustable Bench. We recommend this bench because it is a great option for those on a budget. It is made from commercial steel and can hold a weight of up to 200kg. 

best olympic weight bench set

If you are a non-body building person that’s looking for a simple product to get into weightlifting, then this is the ideal choice for you. It comes with all the basics to get you started. 

Why it’s Great

  • Can be stored away easily
  • A versatile piece of kit
  • The box can be transported anywhere
  • You can perform many movements with the dumbbell set
  • The best value adjustable cast iron dumbbell set on the market

Who it’s Right for

  • The best choice for a non-body building person
  • For the space-conscious exercisers

Olympic Barbell Set With Rubber Plates (107.5 kg) (Best for Intermediate to Advanced Weightlifters)

best beginner olympic weight set

This sturdy107.5kg Olympic weight set is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their big lifts for muscle gain and strength. 

The full-size Olympic barbell is constructed from steel and has a stunning chrome finish. You can slide the rubber plates easily on the barbell. 

The 100% rubber plates have many benefits. You can perform various exercises with them safely because they are durable and have a low bounce capability. For example, Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts. The rubber grip also makes it easier to handle the plates.

The rubber coating is a great option if you do not like the clanging sounds of iron when swapping plates.

The total weight of the rubber plates are 107.5kg: 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x5kg 2x2.5kg  2x1.25kg. Due to the high weight category, we recommend this weight set to intermediate and advanced users.

Why it’s Great

  • A sturdy build 
  • The rubber plates can easily move on the barbell
  • Durable and low bounce capability
  • The rubber grip can be handled easily 
  • No clanging sounds that you get with iron plates

Who it’s Right for

  • For those who want to improve their big lifts
  • Perfect for intermediate and advanced users

Olympic Barbell Set With Cast Iron Plates (107.5 kg) (Best for Advanced Weightlifters)

If you are a fan of vintage fitness culture and the clang of cast iron, then you will want to get your hands on this107.5kg Olympic weight set. This solid cast iron weight set is solid, sturdy, and compact. 

These highly functional cast iron weight plates will improve your big lifts when you need to bench, squat, or deadlift. 

The Olympic barbell has a stainless-steel finish, whereas the robust cast iron plates have a stunning grey finish. 

Iron weight plates aren’t the best option for Olympic weightlifting, but for the average home gym owner, it is sufficient. 

For this reason, this set is not meant for those who want to do advanced weight training exercises. 

best value olympic lifting weight set

The total weight of the cast iron plates are 107.5kg: 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x5kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg.

Why it’s Great

  • Solid, sturdy and compact
  • Can be used to deadlift, squat and bench
  • The barbell has a stainless-steel finish
  • Cast iron plates have a grey finish

Who it’s Right for

  • For fans of vintage fitness culture and the clang of cast iron
  • Sufficient for home gym owners

Olympic Weight Set: A Buyers' Guide

You have a lot of choices when it comes to buying a weight set for your home gym, and you want to make sure that the investment is worth it. 

We’ll help you make the best decision based on your fitness needs. 

Depending on your weightlifting journey, this guide will help you buy the most appropriate products. 

Different Types of Olympic Plates: Rubber vs Cast Iron

You might be wondering what the difference is between rubber and iron plates. 

There are many conflicting opinions about whether rubber plates or iron plates are the way to go when doing weightlifting. 

We are gonna break down the main difference for you. 

Rubber Plates

Also named “bumper plates”, these colourful plates are made of a dense rubber material. 

The colour of the plate corresponds to its weight. They come in the following colours and weights: red (25 kg), blue (20 kg), yellow (15 kg), green (10 kg) and white (5 kg). 

Rubber plates were designed for Olympic weightlifting, where it’s expected to drop the weight to the floor after performing a snatch or clean and jerk. For this reason, rubber plates are durable, making them less likely to break when it’s dropped. 

Due to the rubber coating, these weights do not vibrate as much when they hit the floor, so they are quieter. The neighbours next door, or your family inside your house, might appreciate this. 

Rubber plates are more standardized in size, with a diameter of 450 mm and a steel insert with a hole for the Olympic bar to pass through. 

The rubber plates are best used when practising the clean, jerk, snatch, heavy overhead squats and presses. 

Cast Iron Plates

As the name indicates, these plates are manufactured using a casting of iron. 

Some cast-iron plates have built-in handles that let you carry them, whereas others are more round and have a lip on them. 

If you like the clanging noise of metal on metal when you jam them against each other, then you’ll prefer these plates. 

Unlike rubber plates, cast iron plates aren’t used in Olympic weightlifting competitions, so they are not standardized. Meaning, they come in all shapes and sizes such from the standard Olympic diameter to smaller ones. 

The same goes for their thickness. The cast-iron plates do not have a standardized centre hole. Some plates come in 1-inch holes, and others in 2. 

You can use cast iron plates for basically anything because it’s an “all-rounder”. Whether it is deadlifts, presses or rows. As long as it does not require dumping the barbell on the ground. 

Iron plates tend to be preferred by powerlifters, because they are denser and thinner on the barbell, making it easier to move big weights. 

One big feature to note is that iron plates are not meant to be dropped. Iron weights can damage the floor and the barbell. The weights themselves can also crack. For this reason, iron plates aren’t meant for Olympic weightlifting. 

The biggest difference is that iron plates tend to be less pricey than rubber plates. So, if you are on a budget, iron is the way to go. 

Olympic Size Barbells

Serious weight lifters prefer Olympic bars because they are made of higher quality materials and can support a great amount of weight. The barbell is thick enough for you to load on big plates.

The Olympic barbell is 28 millimetres in diameter and seven feet long. The sleeves at the ends, where you slide on the weights, are 50 millimetres in diameter. 

You can find numerous designs of Olympic barbells that cater to various purposes, but these dimensions will still stay the same. 

As you lift the Olympic barbells, you will notice that the sleeves, that hold the plates, rotate. 

You can use Olympic barbells with other gym equipment, like power racks and benches. On the other hand, standard barbells have smaller dimensions so they will not always fit a rack or bench.

Can I Use Olympic Weight Plates on a Standard Barbell?

The answer is no. You cannot use Olympic plates on a standard bar, because they will slide around. The shifting of the weights will place unnecessary strain on your body. 

How To Choose The Right Olympic Weight Set

The Specifications Of The Barbell

The most common ones are the 20 kg barbells. These are meant for men. For women, 15 kg barbells are recommended. 

The Specifications Of The Weight Plates


Always make sure that the plates you are purchasing durable weight plates. The weight plates will usually crack near the inner ring. 


Beginners should always check whether the plates are safe to use. We recommend plates with a thick rubber coating to ensure safety. 

Barbell compatibility 

The weight plates you buy should be compatible with the barbell. Whether you are buying a barbell or have an existing barbell at home. 

The Advantages of using an Olympic Weight Set

best beginner olympic weight set

Olympic plates offer various benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy Olympic weight plates. 

Olympic weight plates are versatile

There are a multitude of exercises that you can perform with Olympic weight plates. With the barbell and plates, you can perform overhead presses, clean and jerks, snatches, lunges, back squats, front squats, rows, deadlifts, and more. You can also perform accessory exercises such as good mornings, skull crushers, Romanian deadlifts, and bicep curls.

Weight Benches and Racks are Made to Fit an Olympic barbell

Don’t worry about buying a new rack that will be able to accommodate your 7” Olympic barbell. The Olympic barbells will be able to fit most racks, and weight benches.

You Will Reap the Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting 

Olympic weightlifting is a full-body workout that will reduce your body fat percentage, strengthen your core, build your muscle fibres, and improve your bone. 

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, all of the best Olympic weight sets that have been mentioned here will give you access to a full-body workout within the safety of your own home, while allowing you to meet your fitness targets. 

If you are looking for a fully reliable, and resilient set to be used by intermediate and advanced users, then we recommend the Olympic barbell set with rubber plates (105 kg). 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cost-effective and versatile option, then the Adjustable Dumbbell set (50 kg), would be a more optimal alternative. 

One of these Olympic weight sets will make a perfect addition to your home gym. 

Best Olympic Weight Set FAQs

What Is an Olympic Weight Set?

If you want to knowwhat is an Olympic weight set, then you need to know what the common denominators are. The common denominator is an Olympic barbell, Olympic spring collars, and Olympic plates. 

Make sure that you have thebest barbell collar that suits your lifting needs.

What Are the Best Plates for Powerlifting?

Powerlifting consists of slower lifts, such as bench press, deadlift, and squats. These movements do not require that you drop the barbell from an overhead position.

You can then use any type of weight plate that you want. 

As mentioned in the Buyers’ guide, powerlifters tend to reach for cast iron weight plates. 

What Are the Best Plates for CrossFit?

If you are going to be dropping or throwing your barbell, then urethane bumper plates are the best bet due to their minimal bounce feature. Many prefer a kettlebell for CrossFit, but you might want to make sure whether you preferbarbell vs kettlebell in your CrossFit exercise routine.

Are Olympic Weight Plates and Barbells Heavy?

Yes. Olympic weight plates have added thickness that makes loading the plate more convenient and safe. Olympic barbells are also heavy and thick on the ends to allow for more stability.

How Do I Clean A Barbell?

A barbell requires minimum maintenance in the form of oiling up and cleaning. It prevents the spread of bacteria and keeps the rust away. 

You can do the following regularly to keep your barbell healthy: Use a dry nylon brush to get rid of any residues, chalk and sweat on the barbell. You can then wipe down the barbell with a thin layer of oil. Use the nylon brush to spread oil into the knurl. The oil will be absorbed by the steel. Wipe off any oil residue with a dry towel.

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