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How to beat the post-Christmas bloat

December 26, 2022 3 min read

How to beat the post-Christmas bloat

The post-Christmas bloat is a common problem faced by many each year. With all the delicious food, drinks and treats that come with Crimbo, it’s no wonder that we often find ourselves a bit more bloated than usual! The good news is that there are plenty of workouts and exercises you can do to help reduce the bloat and get back to feeling your best. Here are some of the best things you can do to keep that post-Christmas bloat under control.


Get your cardio in


A great way to encourage your body to burn excess fat and reduce bloating is with cardio exercises. Going on a fast walk or jog, riding a bike or doing an at-home HIIT workout are all great options for getting your heart rate up while also helping to flush out any built-up toxins in your system.


Become a Yoga Bunny


Yoga combines both physical movement and breathing exercises which helps improve digestion, circulation, detoxification and relaxation. This form of exercise encourages you to use your core muscle groups while focusing on stretching and deep breathing which helps increase energy levels as well as providing relief from bloatedness after eating too much over the holidays.


Add some resistance


Another effective way to get rid of any unwanted post-Christmas bloat is through resistance training such as lifting weights or using resistance bands. This type of exercise will help build lean muscle mass while boosting metabolism and improving overall body composition for a slimmer physique. You can easily add some resistance bands to your normal HIIT workout or body weight workout to add a bit of extra grit to your HIIT.


Post-Xmas Pilates


Pilates is fantastic for toning your abdominal muscles which will help reduce bloating around your midsection caused by overeating during the season’s festivities! Each exercise focuses on specific areas of the body to strengthen, lengthen, and tone muscles with slow steady movements coordinated with deep breathing patterns—a great combination for flushing out any stored toxins in our bodies while targeting our trouble spots like that swollen stomach!


Swim it off


Taking regular dips in the pool will help activate large muscle groups around our abdomen area including our lower back muscles which can cause abdominal bloating if left unused or underused due to physical inactivity! Plus, swimming can be incredibly calming on both our minds and bodies so we can start off fresh in 2023 feeling healthier than ever before, despite all the mince pies you had the week prior.


Power walking to the people


Power walking is often overlooked, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways to slim down quickly due to its high calorie-burning potential, making it an excellent choice if you want to rid yourself of those extra festive pounds quickly! Try varying speeds (walk faster for 30 seconds then slower for 40 seconds) or even add some arm swings into your routine for added intensity if needed!


Get Stretching


Stretching not only helps increase flexibility but it also promotes circulation throughout our bodies which helps eliminate built-up toxins in our systems causing us unnecessary discomfort, bloating and gas! Make sure you don’t skip this important post-exercise step as stretching gives us time not just physically recover but mentally reset so we can better tackle whatever challenges come our way when the January Blues kick in.


Whether you choose one workout or combine several together, doing some of these simple exercises regularly throughout Twixmas into the new year will help keep post-Christmas bloat at bay this season — so you can enjoy whatever Christmas and New Year treats come across your path guilt free!


Mostly though, don’t worry too much about it, we all need to relax a little more especially in these trying times, so don’t worry if your belt feels a little bit tighter this January, it’s a well-deserved break and with a bit of hard work and commitment, you’ll be back to your best within a few weeks!

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