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17.5kg dumbbells are considered a good midway option for those with some experience in weightlifting, who are looking to build on their abilities to reach a more intermediate level. 

When beginning to build muscle and strength, it can take some time and experience to figure out what weight would work best for your abilities, and chosen exercise types. 

Are 17.5kg dumbbells enough to build muscle? 

Whether 17.5kg dumbbells are enough to build muscle is dependent on several factors, such as your weightlifting level and what muscle group you are looking to train.

Beginner Level

If you are at a beginner level, this weight is more than sufficient to build on strength and muscle and increase your lifting proficiency. 

If need be, you can start with even lighter weights and work upwards. Lifting weights that are too heavy can result in serious injury. 

It is important to ensure that your form is correct. Lifting weights should be done slowly and with deliberation - if you find yourself having to throw the weight around, it is likely too heavy for you. Lower the weight, and build yourself up. 

Intermediate-Advanced Level

If you are at a more intermediate or advanced level, 17.5kg dumbbells might come in handy for warm-up exercises. You can then utilise heavier weights in your main workout. 

You can also use them for tension repetitions, whereby you hold the dumbbells in the flexed position for a few seconds before dropping. This will challenge the muscles more than just steady repetitions. 

Once 17.5kg dumbbells start losing effect with training progression, simply increasing repetitions is also a straightforward way to feel the burn. 

If you want to really push yourself,  you can start counting your repetitions only after you feel a burn in your muscles. 

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