20kg Dumbbells Pair

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Dumbbells are a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. They can be used in multiple exercises and are a staple in almost every gym. 20kg dumbbells are perfect for working muscle groups to build strength, definition and size. 

Dumbbells are excellent to use on your arms and upper body. They can be added to any exercise to strengthen muscles or increase the difficulty of the movement. For example adding a dumbbell to a normal walking lunge. 

Dumbbells with a knurled grip are the best to purchase because they provide a secure hold while lifting the weights. 

Are heavy dumbbells worth it?

Heavier dumbbells are used to tone and increase your muscles. Heavier weights start from 10kg up to 30kg. Heavier dumbbells are mostly used to lift in stationary positions. 

If you are new to exercising, especially lifting weights, a 20kg weight will be too heavy. A better dumbbell to start with is a weight between 5kg to 15kg. After you get fit and strong you can progress to a 20kg dumbbell. 

For some women, a 20kg dumbbell will also be too heavy to exercise with. 

The average woman uses dumbbell weights between 2kg to10 kg. Men can often lift heavier weights. For a woman, a 20kg dumbbell can be too heavy but for men, it’s often a good weight.

What are the best dumbbells to buy? 

Before buying a dumbbell you have to make sure that it is the right weight for your skill and strength. Other key aspects to look for before purchasing a dumbbell are the following: 

The shape 

Dumbbells either have a round or hexagonal shape. The hexagonal shape is better because it offers more stability. A round shape can roll around and cause injuries. This is very crucial especially with heavier weights. An unstable 20kg weight rolling around has the potential to hurt someone 

The type of grip 

The grip of the dumbbell is the center part of the weight. A rubber-covered weight is easy to pick up and lift. However, a steel weight has the potential to slip out of your hand. A steel weight needs an uneven or knurled center grip to ensure a secure hold. A heavier weight needs a secure grip , to prevent injury or slipping.

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