22.5kg Dumbbells Pair

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Are you not getting enough results from your current workout? Well, maybe a set of heavier weights is in order. 22.5kg dumbbells might be the answer you’re looking for.

These dumbbells are an efficient way of increasing your body mass and improving your strength.

22.5kg dumbbells can help tone and enhance your muscle shape. They can be used in a variety of exercises and strength training routines at home in your gym workspace. 

They have protective rubber-coated end weights which means they are gentle on all home gym flooring.

Affordable and easy to store, 22.5kg dumbbells are a great addition to your workout. 

A set of 22.5kg dumbbells will cost you in the range of £130, a great investment in your journey to body perfection.

They’re one of the most versatile means of achieving body strength, power, shape, and endurance. 

Can beginners use 22.5kg Dumbbells?

22.5kg dumbbells are more suited to intermediate weight training than beginners.

 Beginners can slowly work up to 22.5kg dumbbells incrementally. As you improve your muscle strength and stamina, 22.5kg dumbbells are an easily attainable goal. 

These 22.5kg dumbbells can be used in conjunction with your barbell routines. This helps vary your program, making sure your body gets an overall workout. 

Using these mid-weight hex dumbbells will maximise your build efficacy. This is useful when lifting your barbell of a heavier weight starts becoming easy. Switch it up by including dumbbell routines to challenge yourself.

Working individual muscles with a 22.5kg dumbbell will improve your stabilising muscles and increase your energy spend. 

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