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24kg Pro Forged Kettlebell

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Not having the 24kg kettlebell in your weightlifting arsenal is a serious misstep. This nifty piece of equipment has a ton of uses for your daily home gym workout.

From improving your stamina to increasing your strength, kettlebells are a reliable means to achieving overall body perfection. 

With a flat base, to stop rolling when placed on your floor, these kettlebells also display the 24kg weight engraved on the front.

Our 24kg kettlebells sport a spacious easy to grip handle that helps facilitate an easy and comfortable grip, no matter your exercise.

Expect to pay around £70 each for a kettlebell of this weight, making them affordable for the amateur weightlifter. 

Perfectly balanced and robust, our kettlebells are engineered to last, providing you with years of training. 

How can I use a 24kg Kettlebell in my workout?

You can use the 24kg kettlebell in high repetitions with short breaks to burn stubborn fat on problem areas or use them at a slower pace with longer breaks to increase your strength and build muscles.  

Use the kettlebell to target and define your abdominal muscles by introducing single side moves which engage your core to work harder and challenge your balance. 

Swings and snatches are also great exercises that enhance your dexterity and agility. 

Or alternatively, advanced to professional athletes can take up using two kettlebells in their routine to improve total body strength. 

All prices are for individual kettlebells.
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