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47.5kg Dumbbells Pair

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Lifting with heavy weights, such as 47.5kg dumbbells, is an effective way to increase fitness levels and build muscle. 

If you lack experience with lifting heavy weights, it is important to consider whether 45kg dumbbells are suitable for your fitness goals, and what other factors need to be incorporated to ensure you achieve your objective. 

Are 47.5kg dumbbells heavy enough to build muscle? 

47.5kg dumbbells can be heavy enough to build muscle, depending on factors such as your current weightlifting proficiency and body composition. 

To build muscle, doing low repetitions with heavy weights, such as 47.5kg dumbbells, is an effective method. 

It is important to switch up exercise regimes every few weeks to ensure your body does not get too accustomed, which could result in a progress plateau. 

Lifting heavier might assist in building muscle, but it is also important to compile a proper fitness plan that incorporates rest to ensure best results and eliminates the risk of injury and burnout. 

In addition to rest days when building muscle with heavy lifting, good nutrition, and sufficient sleep are also important factors to incorporate.

It is effective to use 47.5kg dumbbells for exercises like squats, military presses, chest fly presses, and many more. This weight choice can be versatile, to ensure you don’t grow tired of your workouts. 

Are heavy dumbbells worth it? 

Heavy dumbbells will be on the pricier side, due to manufacturing and transport costs associated with heavy materials. 

However, investing in a good quality, heavy set of dumbbells will likely be a one-off purchase. You can keep it on your weight rack for decades to come, and incorporate it into your workouts even as you build on your weightlifting proficiency.

All pricing is for a pair of dumbbells.

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