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These 6kg dumbbells are a great way to start your weight training routine. If you're not sure what weight to get for the exercises that you train with, these can be the perfect choice!

This product is commercial grade and high in quality. They feature knurled steel grips for a secure hold. The protective, rubberised end is designed for durability and protection. The hexagonal ends have been shaped to stop weights from rolling.

How to use 6kg dumbbells?
The weights are designed for a variety of exercises. They can be used with push-ups, pull-ups, dips and other similar weight training movements.

Is 6kg dumbbell enough for beginners?
The answer to the question is that it depends on your personal fitness level. If you're a beginner, then this weight should be enough to start out with. Otherwise, if you are already familiar with weight lifting and have been training for some time, 5 kg may not be enough for your exercises.

Is 6kg dumbbell enough for weight loss?
Depends on your weight loss goals. If you are just trying to lose some weight, then this weight is enough. Otherwise, if you are trying for a more significant amount of weight loss or need a higher level of intensity, then the 20 kg dumbbells and other heavier weights may be needed for your exercise routine.

Will 6kg weights tone arms?
If you are just trying to tone up, then these weights are enough. Otherwise, if you want a bigger amount of muscle toning, then heavier weights may be needed for your exercises.

How to clean 6kg dumbbells?
You should use a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces with the cloth. You can also spray them with some water before you start using them.

Are 6kg dumbbells for women?
Mostly, yes. Weights like 6kg are recommended for women. If you are just starting out in weight lifting and need to start off on a safe level, these weights will be perfect for you!

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