Apache Power Bar

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The Apache Power Bar is purpose built for heavy lifting. With a max weight capacity of 908kg this bar can endure lifts from the strongest athletes on earth. The bars have a massive 43cm loadable sleeve for increased plate loading. Available in Black zinc for increase protection from oxidisation or hardened chrome for a purer finish and grip. This barbell is a must have for intermediate/advanced powerlifters.

All bars include 2 quick release spring collars.


Weight: 20kg

Bar Length: 2200mm

Shaft Diameter: 29mm

Loading Sleeve length: 430mm

Loading Sleeve Diameter: 50mm 

Weight capacity: 908kg

Bushing Type: Bronze.

Shaft Finish:  Black Zinc/Hardened Chrome. 

Sleeve Finish: Hardened Chrome.

Knurling: Aggressive Knurling for a secure grip. Single knurl marking (IPF) with centre knurling.