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Other Training


Watch Frazer perform the ab rollout
Key Movement Points: 1. Start with roller directly under your shoulders 2. Engage core 3. Slowly and in a controlled manner push the roller out infant of you without breaking form 4. Return to starting position without letting the hips dip of the body sag.
Main muscles worked: The ab rollout activates most muscles around the torso as well as the arms, shoulders and legs playing an accessory role.


Watch Frazer Perform the banded tricep extension
Key Movement Points: 1. non concentric arm placed behind back and keeping tension in band 2. upper part of the concentric arm is to remain as tight as possible 3. forearm dips below parallel to the elbow placing tension on tricep 4. return arm to starting position, keeping the bicep as close to the bicep as possible 5. keep shoulders back through entire movement to ensure maximum isolation of the tricep
Muscle group worked: 1. Triceps