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Factory Weights Barbells - Commercial & Home Gyms

A barbell is a weight training bar that is typically used in conjunction with racks and weight plates. This key piece of weightlifting equipment helps you target specific muscle groups and build strength.

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We understand how challenging it can be to find the right barbell for your fitness goals. You may be a beginner shopping for standard barbells or a competitive weightlifter after an Olympic weightlifting bar. Perhaps you'd like a studio pump bar for your home gym, or durable strongman logs ideal for commercial gyms. At Factory Weights, we offer a variety of high-quality barbells that cater to everyone.

As passionate commercial and home gym equipment suppliers, we've always got you covered. Our range includes everything from standard barbells to an Olympic lifting bar and everything in between.

Each barbell for sale from our diverse range is UK-designed and built to stand the test of time. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our range — our team is always happy to help!

Our Range of Barbells, Bars & Accessories

At Factory Weights, we supply some of the best quality barbells in the UK. Alongside our selection of barbells and barbell sets, we offer other types of bars, accessories, and storage solutions.

Ready to set up a home or commercial gym tailored to your exact requirements? Browse our selection of robust barbells for sale across the UK:


We pride ourselves on having a diverse collection of barbells that are durable, affordable and incredibly versatile. Our value-for-money barbell range is designed to accommodate all... Read More