15kg Hex Dumbbells

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Hex dumbbells are a popular weight and get their name from their unique shape.

In our experience, adding dumbbells to your workout routine is a great way to not only diversify your workouts but also to burn fat and increase your fitness level.

Now, the weight you choose is dependent on your fitness level and goals. For example, it is recommended that beginners start small with weights ranging between 2.5kg to around 10kg.

The 15kg hex dumbbell is a great choice if you’ve moved beyond the 10kg weight and are looking to slowly increase the weight to meet new goals.

It’s also a great option if you’re alternating between heavier and lighter weights since it generally suits most intermediate users’ capabilities.

The Benefits of Lifting Weights

For most people looking to lose weight, the most obvious option is cardio. Running, jogging, or swimming. Basically, anything that gets the heart racing. However, did you know that lifting weights burns fat faster than cardio does?

This is because lifting dumbbells builds muscle and muscle tissue burns far more calories than fat tissue does.

Including the 15kg dumbbell in your workouts can also strengthen your bones and joints. Our bones and joints naturally weaken with age and by strengthening them you can potentially avoid injuries caused by weak joints.

Surprisingly, lifting dumbbells can also improve your cardiovascular health. 

A 2017 Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise study showed that women who regularly used dumbbells had a 17% reduced risk for developing heart diseases as opposed to those who didn’t lift.

These results aren’t exclusive to women.

Which Muscles Does Lifting Dumbbells Work?

As mentioned previously, using dumbbells can be a full-body workout. Dumbbells can work numerous muscle groups, but it depends on which technique you’re using and whether you’re implementing the technique properly. 

The 15kg hex dumbbell is quite hefty for the average strength trainer and we would not recommend this for beginners. If you’re just starting out we recommend you check out some of our lighter weights. 

Using the 15kg hex dumbbells can work the biceps if you’re using the elbow flexion movement. The 15 kg hex dumbbells can work the chest, shoulders, and triceps by using compound exercises.

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