Ab Roller

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When you hear the word 'ab roller,' what do you think of? Someone rolling their abs in the gym, perhaps. Or maybe one that's covered in sweat and grungy with a protruding metal handle, worn out from use over and over again. I suppose it's not a coincidence that ab rollers are synonymous with excessive work at the gym.

But before we dismiss them outright, let's put aside our cynicism for a moment to consider this: an ab roller is also an advanced piece of equipment used by physical therapists to rehabilitate patients after major back surgery or as part of postoperative rehabilitation.

Ab rollers are widely popular in gyms and fitness centers. They are recommended as a vital piece of equipment for the physical therapy program or in order to prevent back injury and strengthen abdominal muscles. Ab rollers may also be used by individuals who want to perform core strengthening exercises.

How to use
1. Place the hand nearest the ankle cuff on one of the metal anchors located on the sides and back of this tool.
2. Next, you'll place your foot in one of the looped handles and lean forward. You will then "screw" both feet into each other as if performing an oblique twist movement (you'll feel it in your stomach muscles). 2-6 times per set is recommended for muscle strengthening purposes.
3. To achieve a fuller range of motion, try moving from side to side until you feel comfortable with your position and arm position before starting any movements; this will help minimize strain on your spine or low back area and increase exercise safety

The benefits of an ab roller include being able to move weights around, allowing the user to remain seated during their routine, decrease stress on joints, such as knees, shins, and ankles that do not need weight-bearing and improving posture while sitting or standing