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10kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

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A 10kg weight plate falls into the heavier weight category. They are excellent plates to use when you start lifting heavier. Two 10kg plates with a 15kg bar total up to 35kg. 

You can get 10kg cast iron weight plates in both Olympic and standard weights. 

Although the price difference is marginal, many weight lifters prefer Olympic plates over standard plates. Both have their pros and cons and can affect your weight lifting experience differently. 

Standard 10kg Cast Iron Weight Plates 

Most cast iron plates are available in standard sizes. Standard plates have a 1-inch diameter and can only fit on standard bars. Standard plates are excellent for people that lift middle-range weights, between 10kg to 70kg. 

Standard plates are a bit cheaper than Olympic plates. When you start buying standard plates remember you can not switch over to Olympic plates. They will not fit on the bar.  

Heavier weight lifters prefer to buy Olympic plates. They are available in heavier weights and are precision tested. This ensures that the plate does not deviate from its weight description.

For professional weight lifters, a few kg of deviation can have a big impact on their performance. If you want to lift with heavier weights than 10kg, standard plates are not the best option. 

But, if 10kg is your maximum weight, standard plates are an excellent plate to buy. 

Olympic 10kg Cast Iron Weight Plates

Olympic plates have a 2-inch hole diameter. They are also regulated and tested according to IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) standards. This makes Olympic plates a bit more expensive than standard plates. 

The price difference is marginal so you need to make your final decision on whether you are going to lift heavier weights. 

It is better to buy an Olympic 10kg weight plate. Olympic bars are stronger than standard bars. This means they can bear heavier weights. An Olympic bar can bear a weight of up to 750kg.