7.5kg Hex Dumbbells

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A set of 7.5kg hex dumbbells are one of the most versatile means of achieving body fitness and perfection available on the home gym market.

Named for its shape, the hexagonal dumbbell is a six-sided polygon weight. 

The flat-shaped sides to these weights, not only allow you to use your set standing up or sitting down but also by balancing on them, without rolling, for doing floor exercises. 

7.5kg hex dumbbells are therefore also great for targeting your stabilizing muscles.

They can also be slowly introduced for those beginners just starting their weight lifting fitness regime or by intermediate and advanced weight trainers to warm up the muscles.

What are the advantages of using 7.5kg Dumbbells?

7.5kg hex dumbbells are instrumental in many different types of exercises. The 7.5kg weight can either be used for improving muscle tone and lean muscle mass or be used by beginner weight lifters to increase muscle size and strength.

The rubber ends of some dumbbells are great in protecting your home gym flooring but uncoated cast iron hex dumbbells marks can easily be avoided by using a yoga mat for any inevitable falls or placement issues.

7.5kg hex-shaped dumbbells are great for increasing endurance by improving repetitions for intermediate weight lifters.

If you are looking at gaining muscle and are of medium fitness ability, 7.5kg hex dumbbells are a great place to start before increasing your weight lifting skills.

Dumbbells can be used for a range of exercises in your routine that can be mixed up depending on your fitness goals. 

7.5kg hex dumbbells are the perfect versatile weight to buy for your home gym.

Hex dumbbells can be used in all manner of curls, kickbacks, overhead presses, shoulder rows, shoulder presses, shrugs, chest presses, and flys. 

This is a great choice of dumbbells for an all-around workout. 

All pricing is for a pair of dumbbells.

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