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Why Are Weight Plates So Expensive?

February 22, 2022 8 min read

Why Are Weight Plates So Expensive

eight plates are a necessary addition to your home gym equipment. And depending on where you buy them, they can be very expensive. If you’re working to a tight budget this may be a concern for you.

But why are weight plates so expensive? Numerous factors influence the cost of weight plates. We looked at the main factors driving the cost of weight plates and compiled this guide to explain it all. 

Read our guide below for a better understanding of the reasons why weight plates are so expensive. And how we save you money on weight plates and all of your home gym needs. As with all our products, we bring you the very best quality affordableweight plates for your home gym.

The Factors That Make Weight Plates Expensive

Home gym equipment prices have been soaring in recent times. Five main factors are driving the prices of weight plates:

  • Cost Of Materials
  • Cost Of Shipping And Storage
  • Scarcity Due To The Pandemic
  • Desperate Consumers
  • Greedy Retailers

Let’s take a look at each of these factors, below.

Cost Of Materials

Weight plates are generally made out of steel or cast iron. They are heavy and bulky and their manufacture requires a lot of raw material. Materials that need to be mined and processed. And then fashioned into weights and transported. Labour costs also affect the end price. 

Weight plates are generally made from iron or steel, and sometimes from rubber. These materials may not seem that expensive but in very large amounts like for a set of weight plates, it becomes expensive. Rubber also is more expensive than iron.  

are weight plates too expensive

When weightlifting, you need a fairly large amount of weight. And a fairly large amount of that raw material. When the production of that material slows down, the costs of those raw materials increase, and the cost of weights increases.

Cost Of Shipping And Storage 

Storage of weight plates takes up far more room than the storage of the same amount of, for example, pencils doesn’t it? This is why the transportation of heavy weight-plates to the factory is always going to be more expensive than lighter materials.  

Because of their size and weight, there are major expenses involved in the shipping, handling and storage of these weight plates. At every step of the process, from the time the weight plates leave the manufacturer until the time they reach a gym equipment warehouse. 

Scarcity Due To The Pandemic 

The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns caused havoc with all levels of the economy due to halted manufacture of goods, as well as the closure of most retail stores, for some time. Recreational facilities such as gyms closed, and many gym-goers decided to build their own gyms at home.

There was a shortage of these items at a time when many people decided to train at home because the gyms were all closed. When goods are scarce, their prices go up to meet the supply. This drove up the prices of many goods, including gym and fitness equipment such as weight plates.

Desperate Consumers

Although gyms eventually reopened, many people had adjusted to training at home and didn’t want to return to a commercial gym. And we can understand why. There are many benefits to training at home. Working out to your own schedule, in the safety and privacy of your own home, and at your own pace.

But as the demand for weights and other fitness equipment increased, it caused an imbalance in the chain of supply and demand. Consumers were forced to pay exorbitant prices because of this imbalance, to be able to access home gym equipment such as weights.

The situation eased somewhat, due to the reinstatement of production and manufacture of these items. But many consumers are uninformed and are still paying over-inflated prices for items such as weight plates. 

Greedy Retailers 

Your weights go through a long journey starting from the manufacturer, from where they are shipped to warehouses and stored. They eventually reach the reseller, who marks up the price to add on their profit and pass that on to you, the consumer. But some retailers can be very unreasonable with their prices.

Unscrupulous retailers, greedy for profit in the face of high demand, have placed home gym equipment out of the reach of many consumers. Sadly, some manufacturers and retailers took advantage of the shortage of home gym equipment during the lockdown to increase their profits. This is where our story begins.

We formed Factory Weights as a response to the scarcity and escalating prices of gym and fitness equipment during the lockdown. And we have continued to keep our products accessible and our prices competitive. 

Why Is Weighlifting Expensive In General?

are weight plates expensive

Weighlifting is an expensive exercise mainly because many different weight plates are needed to create a full set. To get the full range of weights necessary for a comprehensive workout, you need to spend a lot of money. 

We understand your need to train with weights at home. If you think you don't have the space for stacked weights, we suggest that you invest in adjustable weights. Adjustable weights are space-efficient and cost-effective because you’re getting several weights at one cost. 

Ouradjustable dumbbell kits cut out the need for a ton of different weights. This means you can get a full workout with a wide range of weight options, for less money.

The Facts About Bumper Plates And Why They Cost More

An alternative to traditional weight plates that is gaining popularity is the bumper plate. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

What Are Bumper Plates?

What are bumper plates? Bumper plates are a type of weight plate that is used for powerlifting, CrossFit-style workouts and even Olympic weightlifting.  

Weight plates have always commonly been made of iron. But bumper plates are made almost entirely of rubber or urethane, with a metal insert in the centre.

You can even load your barbell with a combination of bumper plates and cast iron plates. Just make sure you add the same amount of weight to each side of the bar.

Iron Weight Plates vs Bumper Plates

Traditional Iron Weight Plates 

do you think weight plates are too expensive

Cast iron weight plates are often referred to as traditional plates. They have a 2” (50mm) diameter to fit an Olympic barbell. Iron weight plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bumper Plates 

Bumper plates have become increasingly popular over the last decade, mostly due to the Crossfit trend. But they were created for the purpose of Olympic-style weightlifting. They have the 2” (50mm) diameter that iron weight plates do, and are also available in different sizes.

Are Bumper Plates More Expensive Than Traditional Iron Plates

Why Are Bumper Plates More Expensive Than Traditional Iron Plates?

Bumper plates are more expensive than traditional iron weight plates for 3 main reasons: 

The Cost Of The Materials

The high-density rubber, colouring and steel core used in the manufacturing of bumper plates, are more expensive to produce than iron. Therefore the end result is more expensive than traditional cast iron weight plates.

The Cost of Manufacture

To manufacture bumper plates more materials are used than to make traditional cast iron weight plates. This means that more steps have to be followed in the manufacturing process. Because bumper plates take more time and money to produce, they are more expensive for you to buy.

The Cost Of Rigorous Quality Testing And Certification

Bumper plates were originally created for the purposes of Olympic weightlifting events. They are still mainly used in competitive events. Competition-rated bumper plates are subjected to rigorous quality and weight tests to ensure that they meet the standards of the International Weightlifting Federation. 

The Benefits Of Bumper Plates

What are the benefits ofbumper plates vs steel plates?

Bumper Plates Are Quieter

They do not make the noise that cast iron weight plates do when hitting the floor. This might not bother you, but your downstairs neighbours may feel differently. Bumper plates can help you keep the peace and your sanity, by making less noise.

Bumper Plates Cause Less Damage

Bumper plates were created to withstand the impact of hitting a floor if a weightlifter drops the bar during an unsuccessful lift. This is something that can and does regularly occur and is part of the reason why bumper plates were invented. They will do less damage to the floor in such an event.

Bumper Plates Are More Durable

Weight plates are subject to a lot of abuse. They get bumped against things, sometimes dropped. Bumper plates consist of a metal core that is covered by a rubber or urethane coating. They are less likely to get damaged than solely metal plates.  

How To Save Money When Buying Weights 

Order Them Online

Time is money. We know you have lots to do and don’t have the time to run around shopping for weights. But you need them, so what should you do? Cut out the middle man, and order them online. 

You probably already use online shopping for music, tech, maybe even food. So use technology and buy your weights at affordable prices. 

With our extensive catalogue of fitness equipment, we can meet all your needs for weights at very competitive prices.   

Take Advantage Of Special Deals

whey weight plates cost more

Save money by taking advantage of special offers on weights and package deals. You might be able to purchase everything you need for a total home gym in one package. This is usually far cheaper than buying each item separately. 

You can save on the total cost of a complete home gym setup by taking advantage of ourhome gym package deals. A full set of cast iron or rubber-coated weights with bar, clips, bench and stands. With our deals, working out won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Get Only The Right Weights For Your Needs

Be sure that you buy what you need, and need what you buy. So many people have unused weights and fitness equipment in their homes because they didn’t follow this simple rule. Unused weights are a waste of money and space. So be sure to assess your own needs before making a purchase.

As an example, our adjustable dumbbells are available in 3 different weight packages for every fitness level and need. Our20kg adjustable dumbbell set is very easy to use and is suitable for beginners. Our30 kg and 50kg sets will meet the requirements of more experienced lifters. 

Buy Multi-Purpose Weight Sets

Some weight sets can serve a multi-purpose. This is a great way to save money while maximising your workout. Because you’ll have a versatile home gym without the need for buying too many pieces of equipment.  

For example, our50 kg adjustable dumbbell set can be converted into a barbell too. So if you need both dumbbells and a barbell, this would be the set to go for. It also folds up into a compact storage case.

why are bumper plates more expensive than traditional iron plates

In Conclusion

Weight plates are an essential part of your home gym setup. Several weight plates are necessary to provide an extensive weight range for your workout, and this usually means that they are an expensive investment to make.

That is why we strive to provide you with the verybest weight plates at affordable prices. Our weights, plates, kits and accessories can be combined to suit your particular needs. 

We believe in giving you the most options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for thebest bumper plates, traditional style cast-iron plates, or rubber-coated plates we have it all. And you can save money by purchasing these directly from us, online. 

We know how important your physical health is to you. But your financial health is important too. Here at Factory Weights, everyone can afford to be fit.

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