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Factory Weights Bumper Plates for Commercial & Home Gyms

Bumper plates, also called weight plates or fitness plates, are steel weights covered in high-density rubber, which absorbs shock and prevents damage to you, your floor and your weights.

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Factory Weights offers a versatile range of reliable bumper plates at an affordable price. Due to their thick rubber coating, rubber weight plates are ideal for intense workouts like CrossFit or Olympic lifting.

So whether you're a commercial gym owner, a professional bodybuilder, a casual weightlifter, or creating your own home gym, our range of Olympic bumper plates is sure to satisfy your needs. No matter what your fitness level or goals, there's something in our range of UK-designed bumper weight plates to suit you.

Looking to upgrade your commercial or home gym? Shop online from our range of bumper plates in the UK or get in touch for a quote on large orders.

Our Range of Bumper Weight Plates

At Factory Weights, you can find single pairs of plates, sets of several pairs at differing weights, and sets with barbells and optional functional equipment like squat stands and benches.

We have everything from bumper plate sets to replacement plates and heavier plates for those aiming for new personal records.

From simple pairs of bumper plates to full sets with barbells, we've got you covered.

Barbell & Bumper Plate Sets

We stock various black bumper plates and barbell... Read More