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70kg Urethane Plate Set With 7ft Olympic Barbell

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BARBELL UPGRADE YOU PAY £40 : On its own £180
SQUAT STANDS YOU PAY £75 : On its own £149
BENCH YOU PAY £49 : On its own £99

Factory Weights 70kg  Urethane Weight Plate Set with Free Barbell

  • 45cm diameter (IWF standard)
  • Suitable for use on Olympic diameter bars

This weight set is perfect for Olympic-style lifters, cross-fitters and sports athletes looking for a robust, high quality, barbell and bumper plates. The Factory Weights Fleck Bumper Plates are perfect for Olympic style weightlifting. The rubberised, robust construction means these plates are designed for taking impact. 

What's included?

Set of Factory Weights Urethane Weight Plates 2x20kg, 2x10kg and 2x5kg. 

Optional add-ons:

Choose a Barbell:

7ft Olympic Barbell

Black Zinc 7ft Cross Training Barbell

Add Squat Stands:

FW1 Squat Stands 1/2 Price at £75

Choose your Bench:

FW1 Adjustable Bench 1/2 Price at £49